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ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium


The next ASU Cooperation and Conflict Symposium will take place in 2021. More information will be available soon. 


2019 ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium: Telling fact from fiction in the age of information. May 2, 2019. 

How do we tell what is real and what is not? In ASU’s 2nd Cooperation and Conflict Symposium, researchers from across ASU and around the world will come together to address the question of how we tell fact from fiction, and how the availability of huge amounts of information can both help and hinder our capacity to determine what is real. Distinguishing true information from deceptive information has been a problem since the origins of life, through the evolution of nervous systems and now in the age of social media and rapid information transfer through digital technology.

The video recorded talks from this event are now available online: click here. 

2017 ASU Cooperation and Conflict Symposium: How do large-scale systems solve the problem of detecting, controlling and eliminating cheating? 

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The biannual ASU Cooperation & Conflict Symposium invites diverse scholars from around the world to come together with ASU faculty to address the most pressing questions in cooperation theory through interdisciplinary dialogue. This symposium is organized around a central question which all speakers address, and concludes with a panel discussion about the opportunities and challenges of studying cooperation and conflict across systems.

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