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How do we tell what is real and what is not? In ASU’s 2nd Cooperation and Conflict Symposium, researchers from across ASU and around the world will come together to address the question of how we tell fact from fiction, and how the availability of huge amounts of information can both help and hinder our capacity to determine what is real.

The guy at work who contributes squat to a team project. The one who develops alligator arms every time the check arrives. The people you’ve had for dinner 20 times who always show up empty-handed.

Does it make you feel any better that ants, bees and wasps suffer from similar company?

The Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting is an evolutionary biology meeting turned interdisciplinary conference analyzing the undead. This includes real-life "zombification" and preparing for the extreme environments of a zombie apocalypse in order to adapt complex, jargon-filled science into a more digestible and fun format.

It’s Halloween time. People are visiting haunted houses, picking out pumpkins, hanging ghosts and of course watching out for zombies.

But we laugh because zombies are fake. Or are they?

Watching people hack through bloody bones was only part of the fun at the kickoff of the inaugural conference, a four-day interdisciplinary meeting at Arizona State University where scientists, artists, doctors, ethicists, lawyers and other experts discussed the undead mythology and the idea of being controlled by outside forces.